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autumn holiday activities

autumn holiday activities

autumn holiday activities SearchCome and search in the museum during the autumn holidays! There is a treasure hunt ready at the Everyone exhibition Haarlemmers for children aged 7 – 12 years. Afterwards you will receive a small gift. Museum InspectorAutumn holidays are...
autumn holiday activities

Museum Night Kids Haarlem 2023

museum night kids haarlem 2023 Verwey Museum Haarlem of course also participates in the Museum Night Kids Haarlem on October 21. The theme is 'heroes'! Look for the Haarlemse superheroes, make your own superhero or learn a Turkish superhero song. We are from 17...
autumn holiday activities

Hidden treasures

hidden treasures Haarlems Sieraad Collectief in Verwey Museum Haarlem Hidden Treasures can be visited from November 1 to January 21, 2024 in the Cabinet in Verwey Museum Haarlem. During the Kunstlijn Haarlem beautiful jewelry can be viewed in the museum....
autumn holiday activities

a city walk full of art

a city walk full of art: September 29! Learn Haarlem and know its city history through the eyes of Haarlemse artists. In collaboration with Gilde Haarlem organizes Verwey Museum Haarlem special city walks about art and history Haarlem. Of...

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