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Lecture about time: a dialogue between artist Jacobien de Rooij and emeritus professor of history Piet de Rooij

Donderdag 23 mei – 19.00- 21.00 uur

Artist Jacobien de Rooij and emeritus professor Piet de Rooij will attend the exhibition the secret of deep time talking to each other.

Jacobien de Rooij (1947) creates monumental drawings that are a fusion of her observations of nature during walks in various locations such as Ireland, Scotland, China, Portugal and the Amsterdam water supply dunes, and her interpretations of what she reads in books. In her studio, these observations and thoughts are converted into powerful reconstructions. The versatility of nature is depicted in imposing landscapes into which the viewer almost seems to be able to step. The use of colors and their gradual progression, combined with careful construction, creates depth in the drawings, taking the viewer, as it were, through the different layers of geological time.

Piet de Rooij (geboren in 1944, broer van Jacobien de Rooij) is emeritus hoogleraar geschiedenis en auteur, die kritisch kijkt naar de veranderingen die zich voordoen in verschillende tijdperken. In dit duo gesprek zullen Jacobien en Piet de Rooij gezamenlijk onderzoeken hoe vragen over groei, veranderingen in tijdperken, geologie en de relatie met de natuur beiden hebben geïnspireerd.

Date:  Thursday May 23
Time:        19.00 to 21.00 hours
Cost:  lecture €5 + museum entrance. €5 for museum card holders and free for friends of the museum
Sign Up: activities@verweymuseumhaarlem. Nl or by telephone at 023-5422427