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hidden treasures

Haarlems Sieraad Collectief in Verwey Museum Haarlem

Hidden treasures can be visited from November 1 to January 21, 2024 in the Cabinet in Verwey Museum Haarlem.

During the Kunstlijn Haarlem beautiful jewelry can be viewed in the museum. The members of the Haarlems Sieraad Collectief (HSC) unique jewelry inspired by the new exhibition Turkish Female Pioneers of the museum.

The small room in the museum has been transformed into a treasure trove where contemporary jewelry made of silver, porcelain, aluminum, gold, textiles, alum and plastic are exhibited. Anyone who wants can have their photo taken with a piece of jewelry of their own choice. The exhibition is an initiative of the Haarlems Sieraad Collectief in collaboration with the museum.

The HSC ( has been around for more than 15 years and was founded to bring jewelery as an autonomous art form to the attention of a wide audience. It consists of: Sylvia Blickman, Judith Bloedjes, Hilde Foks, Jeanet Gem, Jennifer Hoes, Floor Max and Annemiek Steenhuis. In addition to the joint HSC exhibitions, the members also exhibit individually at home and abroad. Their work is included in numerous museum collections and artists are represented by various jewelry galleries.

The museum is participating in the Children's Art Line again this year. On the weekend of November 4 and 5, the HSC will organize a design, search and tactile workshop in the museum.


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