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The more you know about nature, the better you take care of it

Friday, May 10 – 16.00:18.00 PM – XNUMX:XNUMX PM

Sjoerd Buisman draws his artistic inspiration from nature. He shows that nature can be manipulated, but grows according to its own laws. What happens if you hang a tree upside down? Or affects the growth of plants and vegetables?
A plant family that features frequently in Sjoerd Buisman's work is the mistletoe. This plant is special because it grows on trees and in the wood of a host plant, which makes this plant a semi-parasite.
In the lecture by Johan Görtemöller, gardener and manager of Thijsse's Hof in Bloemendaal, and his son Bram Birza, student of plant science and biology at the University of Wageningen, everything is told about special growth in nature such as mistletoe and moss.

Date:   Friday 10 May
Time:        16.00 to 18.00 hours
Cost:   lecture €5 + museum entrance. €5 for museum card holders and free for friends of the museum
Sign Up: activities@verweymuseumhaarlem. Nl or by calling 023-5422427.