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Where's the cake?

Where's the cake?

Thé Tjong-Khing will soon be 90! A unique retrospective of his work has been created in the museum, bringing together all aspects of his rich oeuvre: comics, children's books and illustrations, including many new and never-before-exhibited work.


Who's birthday treats!
That is why we are organizing a cake campaign in the run-up to Khing's birthday.

  • Get a stamp card at the museum, library or one of the participating organisations.
  • Look for the cakes and have your stamp card signed. The participating shops and library are too
  • recognized by a sign on the window.
  • Ticket full: come and eat your own Khing mini pie in the museum's café, then you can immediately view the exhibition.
  • Don't forget to take the 'Look your pointer' with you.

You can hand in until 6 August

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