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The silent loves of Kees Verwey can still be seen until 19 February. After that, the new exhibition Life Caught – Looking inside Verwey and Vashchuk built up.
The exhibition offers a view of the intimate inner worlds of two Haarlemse artists: Kees Verwey (Amsterdam, 1900 – Haarlem, 1995) and Maria Vashchuk (Kiev, 1985). Kees Verwey is best known for his monumental portraits, impressive studio pieces and his flower still lifes. A number of intimate, early works in the exhibition cast a different view on the painter's oeuvre. Verwey's work is juxtaposed with paintings by Maria Vashchuk, originally from Ukraine, who, like Verwey, is inspired by her immediate surroundings.

Life caught shows that both artists are clearly exponents of different generations. But the works also make it clear that some aspects of life are human and of all times.

March 4 – June 26, 2023

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