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troubadour – De Waag as a music stage – t / m June 25, 2023


Simon & Garfunkel, Boudewijn de Groot, Astrid Nijgh, Neerlands Hoop In Bange Dagen and many more. Countless international top artists come to the ancient tavern on the Spaarne. Inspired by his book Troubadour, music journalist Peter Bruyn tells the story of the oldest and most legendary folk club in the Netherlands in this exhibition, which was started in 1962 by Cobi Schreijer. Her goal? Keeping the national anthem alive!

In De Waag, the folk enter into a quirky symbiosis with typical Dutch cabaret and committed chansons. Dozens of international artists still give concerts in De Waag every year. These 'Folkies' have now become 'singer-songwriters', but with just as much talent!

This exhibition was made possible by the Municipality Haarlem.

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