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Miss Universe


Miss Universe – until 28 Mar 2023

The Miss Universe exhibition shows the most recent work of the Haarlemthe artist Fela Walvisch. She graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy last summer with the project Meet me in the Restroom, where she investigated the women's toilet as a safe haven within nightlife. Women's rights, feminism and its history are important topics in all her projects. With quick brushstrokes, bright colors and a dose of humour, Fela Walvisch explores and expresses what it means to her to be a woman. 

Half of the world's inhabitants are women. Yet women in the arts are still too often underexposed. Where are the female painters of the Golden Age? Where are the female conductors, composers, photographers? They are there, but their role is often underexposed compared to their male colleagues. Haarlem has decided to change this in 2023 by introducing the HAARlemproclaim the Year of the Woman. cultural institutions Haarlem will put women at the center of their exhibitions, concerts and performances in 2023. 

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