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close to mari andriessen

September 24, 2022 – March 20, 2023

A more personal introduction to this one Haarlemse sculptor is almost impossible. For the first time, works will be on display that have never been accessible to the public before, including images from private collections, medals, drawings and sketches of preliminary studies.

Mari Andriessen (1897-1979) – best known for his war memorials such as The docker, Man in front of the firing squad en The bomb victim – was not a sculptor who created an image with ease. He doubted, worried and searched. For each assignment he first drew and made several sculptures in clay or plaster until he was satisfied. Later his figurines became looser and freer. He remained that way all his life, as he called it: 'playing in his studio'.

In addition to many never-before-seen works of art and family stories, there is on Close to Mari Andriessen also pay attention to it Haarlemhis art life and his friendship with Kees Verwey, which resulted in portraits of family members and each other. These can be seen in the exhibition, together with Mari's plaster casts, which have been included in a reconstruction of his studio. Together they create this intimate story about the life of the creator of The docker complete. You can't get any closer to Mari Andriessen.

A publication accompanies the exhibition and there is a free city walk past Mari's sculptures Haarlem and environment.

Made possible by:

Mari Andriessen Foundation    

until March 20, 2023

Mari Andriessen at work in his studio, 1963.
Photos Uipko Berghuist

Preliminary study in plaster of
The Docker, 1950.
Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem – on long-term loan Museum Beelden aan Zee, Scheveningen*

Unveiling of De Dokwerker by Queen Juliana, 19 December 1952.
Photo Joop van Bilsen, photo collection Anefo,
National Archives*

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