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Posters to Verwey Museum Haarlem


Verwey Museum Haarlemhas the first Haarlemse poster campaign entitled 'In Haarlem choose yourself whom you love' in his art collection. On February 28, artist TRIK and Gay Haarlem the canvases to Verwey Museum Haarlem. This first striking poster campaign related to LGBTI emancipation was commissioned by the municipality in 2018. Haarlem designed by the Haarlemse artist/illustrator TRIK.

In October 2022, the second and renewed campaign was presented, which was also designed by TRIK. This was for Gay Haarlem reason to ask the municipality to preserve the first poster campaign in some way for the future.

Verwey Museum Haarlem, who considers contemporary collecting to be an important function of a museum, is very pleased with this expansion of their collection. This poster campaign, unique in its kind, is an “expression of a social development (LHBTI+ emancipation), specifically in the city Haarlem the first public statement and design by one Haarlemse artist.

In the distant future this gives a picture of our city as Rainbow City from 2012 and campaign 2019 -2022; said the curator of Verwey Museum Haarlem.