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Verwey Museum Haarlem is the city museum of Haarlem and Zuid-Kennemerland, which, in addition to history, also has work from Haarlemshows artists. The organization consists of a board, director, exhibition maker, curator and approximately 85 volunteers. The volunteers work as hostesses or hosts and/or are active members of various working groups.


Bob Crezee, Chairman
Hans Wolters, treasurer
Albertine Zoetmulder, pr and communication
Bas Boeser, general member
Edward Snieder, general member

Staff members:

Laura van der Wijden, director
Marije Cornelissen, exhibition maker
Rade Eijckelhof, exhibition maker
Caroline Rootlope, Curator


Mon: Ulfred IJsselstein
Tue: Lex Risseeuw
Wed: Peter Verbrugge
Do: Paul van Ballegoijen de Jong
Fr: Frans van den Berg

coordination volunteers:

Astrid Smithing

marketing and communication:

Monique van Royen
[email protected]

working groups:
sector collections:


industry presentations:

activities and education
guided tours

business sector:

marketing communications:

honorary members:
honorary chairman:

Dr. BJCM the Vet

honorary member:

Mrs. R. Meinderts
Mrs. L. Vogelzang


vacancies and internships

Verwey Museum Haarlem is located at Groot Heiligland 47, one of the most beautiful streets in Amsterdam Haarlem. In addition to a presentation about the rich history of Haarlem and surroundings and an exhibition of the Haarlempainter Kees Verwey, changing exhibitions that highlight special themes from this (art) history.

Volunteers are active at various levels in the museum. This work offers room for own initiative and creativity. It is a great opportunity to work (again) in the cultural sector and to build a network.

For all positions, you enjoy working in a volunteer organization and you have an affinity with the history of the city. If you are interested in one of the positions, please send a short motivation letter and CV to the volunteer coordinator.


We are looking for volunteers for the following positions:

tour guides

Do you like to independently provide guided tours for visitors who visit the exhibition All Haarlemmers want to see?

education staff

You would like to dedicate yourself to our young visitors, where experience in primary or secondary education is a plus and you have an affinity with the history of Haarlem.

assistant education / support school visits

You enjoy dealing with (school) children and guiding the groups during their museum visit. You do this together with an education staff member.

counter staff

Do you enjoy welcoming and informing visitors and do you have an affinity with the history of Haarlem and/or with art?

technical service employees

Do you enjoy supporting the technical team? The work consists of all-round technical work.

multimedia employee

You will be involved in the preparation and realization of new exhibitions. Your specialization is making video and audio suitable for the exhibition.

network administrator

Do you enjoy being responsible as our new network administrator for the management and maintenance of our wireless and wired network and network equipment?


We generally try to answer e-mails within two working days. If that takes too long in your case, please feel free to contact us by phone during opening hours.



Verwey Museum Haarlem

Great Holy Land 47

2011 EP  Haarlem

023 – 5422427

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