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fact or fable?

group 7 and 8

Really has a giant in it Haarlem lived? And did Laurens Janszoon Coster really invent the printing press? The students are introduced to incredible stories from the history of Haarlem. But which legends are fact and which are fable? A museum lesson you will never forget!

Goals: Deepen knowledge of the history of Haarlem by making your own podcast or giving a convincing speech in class. Link to current fake news.

Content: With this curriculum, students become reporters, who are prepared in class to create a short podcast or persuasive speech about a particular historical event or person from the 1000 Years of History exhibit. Haarlem.

By listening to each other's podcast or speech in class, the history of Haarlem again, this time told by the students themselves. Can they convince each other that their hero or event really existed?

As a school, you can choose whether to book the extensive podcast program or the regular program with the closing convincing speeches.

For grades 7 and 8
Duration: preparation 1 lesson hour – museum visit 90 min
Price: € 90.- 
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