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verwey and masks – sign of the times (sott)/h1>

Jun 7 – Nov 3, 2024

SOTT is an initiative of Frank van der Linden, the Eindhoven art transporter and organizer for museums and galleries. Van der Linden designed a ceramic mask in 2016 and invited various artists to edit his basic design as they saw fit. The masks question the artist's true identity: is it in front of or behind the mask? In 2023, more than 50 contemporary artists have joined SOTT. The project has grown into an extensive, diverse collection and mutual source of inspiration.

And anyone who knows Kees Verwey's self-portraits can imagine that he also sometimes hides behind his portraits. By showing his work together with some of the masks from the SOTT collection, his work is placed in a new perspective

Keep an eye on our website for more information about the exhibition.

Want to know more about SOTT? Then take a look at the website of line 66 via this link:  Mask project SOTT | Line66

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