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double focus - verwey and masks

June 8 to November 3

Together with fifty-seven masks by contemporary artists from the art project Sign of the Times (SOTT). double focus – Verwey and masks a selection of (self)portraits by Kees Verwey (1900-1995). (Self) portraits of sculptures, faces, masks and heads of animals are a recurring subject in Verwey's artistic oeuvre.

Masks and (self)portraits have been used as a means of expression by artists in all eras and art movements. They show aspects of the inner world, emotions, personality and identity. Verwey's (self)portraits often have a mystical character. Anyone who knows the portraits can imagine that he sometimes hides behind his portraits.

The art project SOTT was founded by art transporter and cultural entrepreneur Frank van der Linden. In 2016 he designed a ceramic mask and invited several artists to edit his basic design as they saw fit. The carved masks represent the artists and their way of working.

This exhibition shows the different meanings of the mask and reveals the true identity of the artist: is he in front of or behind the mask?