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November 26

The two 13-year-old friends Hassan and Joep from Schalkwijk meet a gentleman from the past who is being chased by a police officer and who accidentally ended up in the year 2023.

His name is Jacob, he has eight children and comes from Schalkwijk in 1903. The friends want to help Jacob and his children. They go out with the gentleman and show him his neighborhood in 2023. Jacob doesn't know what he sees, has he ended up in paradise? Does he still want to go back to his own time?

Do you want to know how this exciting story ends? Then come to Verwey Museum on November 26 during the Story Festival Haarlem. Piet van der Meij reads the entire story at 13:00 PM, 13.40:15.00 PM, 15.40:XNUMX PM and XNUMX:XNUMX PM. Free admission for children.

Come and have a listen!

Date: November 26th
Time: 13:00 PM, 13.40:15.00 PM, 15.40:XNUMX PM and XNUMX:XNUMX PM.
Location: Verwey Museum Haarlem
Costs: Children free, adults regular prices



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