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Verwey Museum Haarlem looking for desk clerks


Together with colleagues, you receive visitors to the museum. You will familiarize yourself with this in the museum. You operate the cash register and know the procedures for admission tickets. You sell items from the museum shop and serve drinks that are offered in the museum café. You supervise the museum, ensure that the museum makes a clean impression and take the initiative in the event of shortcomings.

Job requirements:

You are an enthusiastic, customer-oriented hostess or host, who can work independently and proactively, with a high degree of flexibility. You have an affinity with the contents of the museum, you are interested in the history of Haarlem. And you are willing to delve into the various exhibitions so that you can inform visitors about them. The maximum age for this position is 75 years.

Working hours:

You are available at least one half day per week on working days and one half day per four weeks at the weekend. The roster is composed by the roster coordinator.

Intake procedure:

Introductory meeting


No content note


You will be trained for a number of days.

We do we offer?

Working in an enthusiastic group of colleagues who are committed to a professional and hospitable museum. Individual initiative is appreciated and, in addition to the desk services, there is sufficient room to be part of one of the many educational, promotional and technical working groups.


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