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Unlocked / Reconnected

June 1 – September 1, 2020

The exhibition Unlocked/Reconnected aims to provide insight into various notions of the concepts of 'house' and 'home'. It is an initiative that connects the most diverse 'houses for art': museums, presentation institutions, galleries, artist initiatives and corporate collections.

Museum Haarlem is a city museum that tells its stories through objects. This kettle, once used by the HaarlemThe Van der Steur family, symbolizes the theme 'home' par excellence. At home where mother is preparing the tea. The place you know best, where you feel safe and sheltered. A place where you still want to be, even if you are not allowed to leave it. Put on the kettle and drink a cup of comfort with us.

'Home' is a word that has its own meaning for everyone. It is the physical place nearby, the space of your home, but also the 'land', the area that is missed when you are away from it. Home is the place where you share history and ideas, where there is a continuity of presence.
Thanks to the Corona crisis, the concept has taken on a special meaning. What is 'home' in a time of a pandemic? Your home can be a place of love and security, but also a place characterized by oppression and fear. And did our house even feel like a home in a world that is globalized, digitalized and constantly changing? What are the notions of a home and the poetic reflections that go with it?