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Haarlem in picture


Haarlem in focus – 24 Dec 2022 to 9 Jan 2023

Verwey Museum Haarlem continuously shows the special film during the Christmas holidays Haarlem in picture. Film visit including mulled wine or hot chocolate € 3,50.

Filmmaker Erik Willems went in search of 'the soul of Haarlem', what makes Haarlem to Haarlem. It became a special document with fragments from an entire century of film, supplemented with material from Haarlemmers self.
Haarlem was the film city of the Netherlands in the last century. It all started with film factory Hollandia, the first film studio in the Netherlands. But the illustrious Polygoon was also based on the Koudenhorn for many years, and Multifilm was also known nationally. There was also a lot of film material about the city. Haarlem in picture  is a time travel through the history of Haarlem full of images of the Grote Markt, the Blue tram, the flower parade, sports competitions, skating and playing in the street. Duration of the film is 78 minutes.

Title: Movie Haarlem in picture
December 24, 2022 through January 8, 2023
Adult € 10,50 entrance to the museum
Only watching a film including hot chocolate or glühwein € 3,50
Children up to 12 years free entrance
Time: Sunday and Monday 12 noon – 17 pm, Tuesday to Saturday 11 am – 17 pm
Note The museum is closed on December 25 and January 1