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Kees Verwey

Kees Verwey  (Amsterdam, 1900 – Haarlem, 1995) grows in Haarlem in a cultural environment; At an early age he became acquainted with the painting collection of his uncle, the poet Albert Verwey. Through another uncle, the architect HP Berlage, the would-be painter met artists such as Jan Toorop and Richard Roland Holst. Verwey was determined at a young age to become an artist and visited various art academies, where he was taught by Samuel Jesserun de Mesquita, among others, but ultimately he chose Haarlempainter HF Boot as teacher.

It is known that Verwey Haarlem, and preferably his studio on the Spaarne, is hardly convenient. Yet he is very well informed about all movements within contemporary art. He translates it into his own idiom, but also knows that he cannot break away from the Dutch painting tradition. Within that tradition, Verwey appears to be a grandmaster, who stands out for his fabulous technique and consistent attention to his own universe.

Verwey was 95 years old and his work therefore spans almost a century, which gives an extra charge to his oeuvre. His rowdy, sometimes quick-tempered personality and his refusal to bow to any trend or movement give his work a completely unique character. It is clear that Verwey comes to full glory in his portraits, his studio pieces and flower watercolors in ever-changing colors and compositions.

The Kees Verwey Foundation has existed since 1984 and manages the legacy of the Haarlemse artist.
The collection consists of hundreds of oil paintings, watercolors, drawings, sketches and other art objects made by Verwey. All work is documented. Verwey himself remained chairman of the foundation until an old age. After his death, the foundation became sole and absolute heir.

Since 2014, it has been serving as a Historical Museum Haarlem, regular attention to Kees Verwey. The collaboration with the foundation will culminate in a structural partnership in 2023 and works by Verwey will be continuously on display in some museum galleries. The name of the museum will change to Verwey Museum in September 2023 Haarlem. Kees' great wish to have his own museum is thus fulfilled. In addition to various other exhibitions about the art and history of South Kennemerland, the museum organizes exhibitions around Verwey, his contemporaries and followers. The professional management of the Verwey Collection has also been in the hands of Verwey Museum since 2023 Haarlem.

After Verwey's death in 1995, the board of the Kees Verwey Foundation was mainly active in the inventory and restoration of the Verwey Collection. Promoting exhibitions at home and abroad has now also become a core activity. With the exhibitions, the foundation responds to the increasing interest in Verwey. In addition, the foundation encourages study and research into the work of Kees Verwey and facilitates the publication of books, catalogs and other publications.

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The board of the Kees Verwey Foundation consists of Bas Boeser, Kees Bruinstroop, Wim van Krimpen and Anita Soer.

The correspondence address is:
Kees Verwey Foundation
P.O. Box 3003
2001 OF  Haarlem


You can also contact Caroline Rootliep, curator of the Verwey Museum Haarlem, c.rootliep@verweymuseumhaarlem. Nl or 023-542 2427