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Stefan Cools

Title: Lymantria dispar

In recent months, Stefan has been working on his contribution to the SOTT mask project. The caterpillar “Lymantria dispar” has molted three times in a month and a half (these intermediate phases are called “instars”) and has now become a cocoon. During each molt, Stefan recorded the color of the feces in preparation for the color of the meconium (the butterfly's first feces), which will become visible when the butterfly emerges from the cocoon. The mask functioned as a palette to capture these colors.

Stefan has created three works of art, each in a different cassette, that represent the three molting phases. One of these works is currently on display in the exhibition. The colors of the works have become increasingly intense due to the transformation from the caterpillar to the cocoon and ultimately to the butterfly.

The repetitive form of the cassette in his work is a way to visually record his research and present the research itself as an art form.