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a city walk full of art

7 mrt

Leather Haarlem and know its city history through the eyes of Haarlemse artists!
In collaboration with Guild Haarlem organizes Verwey Museum Haarlem a special city walk about art and history Haarlem. The guide takes you past the former houses of Haarlemse artists such as Henri Boot (1877 – 1963) and the shared studio of Kees Verwey (1900 – 1995) and Wim Steijn (1914 – 1980). Discover hidden places in Haarlem and take a look at the drawing attic of one of the oldest artist associations, Kunst Zij Ons Doel in the Waag.

Date: 7 mrt
Time: 13.30 Hours
True: starts at Verwey Museum Haarlem, Groot Heiligland 47, Haarlem
Cost: € 5 per person
Sign Up: Guild Haarlem City walks or by telephone 06-16410803 on working days between 9.00:10.00 AM and 18.00:19.30 AM or XNUMX:XNUMX PM and XNUMX:XNUMX PM