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A journey through Deep Time in the FilmKoepel

Op June 26 we organize in the FilmKoepel Haarlem a special film evening that is entirely dedicated to the exhibition The secret of deep time.

This exhibition highlights the history of the Earth spanning billions of years. Artists invite visitors to look differently at natural phenomena, such as the formation of glaciers, stones, fossils and minerals, through media such as photography, drawings and installations.

In this theme, the Film Federation shows the film Beyond Sleep, based on the literary classic Never sleep again by WF Hermans. The film follows the young geologist Alfred Issendorf during his survival journey in Lapland, where he searches for meteorite impacts. His quest takes him to the brink of madness, amid the cruel tundra of Northern Europe.

 The evening starts with an introduction by Kim Knoppers, guest curator of the exhibition, followed by the preliminary film The Last Song of the Sun by Jeanne Aubert, an artist participating in the exhibition. This film depicts a modern-day myth about the sorrow and anger of the sun, which burns the land and itself until both go dark.

We hope to see you there!

Date:  Thursday 26 June
Time:        19.00 to 21.00 hours
Cost:  regular prices Film Association, for more information visit:
Location: FilmKoepel, Koepelplein 1b, 2031 WL Haarlem

Image: Jeanne Aubert