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Reinoud van Vught

When Reinoud was asked to collaborate on the SOTT project, he thought it was a nice but difficult idea. He tried to unleash his diverse visual language on the mask in various ways and made a total of seven masks, of which one ultimately remained: a double portrait.
This mask shows eyes and a mouth, but not in the usual places, which leaves room for interpretation. Is it a denial of the familiar basic form? Are the additions eyes or flowers? Reinoud was inspired by painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo for this approach.
Reinoud started by painting the mask black with Indian ink. He then sprayed the shapes onto the black mask with white acrylic paint. This had to be done right the first time, which often did not work out, meaning he had to start over regularly.
The mask sat in his studio for over a year, but in the end it only took a few minutes to complete the final mask. The result is a work of art that can be interpreted in different ways.