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Michiel van Nieuwkerk

In his work, Michiel combines photography (the flat surface) with a third dimension, often with special materials. He makes extensive use of clay, earth, coal, and sometimes even coffee. He immediately thought of soil for SOTT's mask. The mask had to have a primal appearance and at the same time have something mysterious, and he really likes the color of earth.
Michiel started applying a layer of clay quickly and intuitively, without thinking, so that the shapes are pure and created by chance. Then he stuck dirt on it. The look of the mask is just right: earthy, mysterious and a little bit frightening. You feel the mask when you look at it.
Michiel is a fan of Frank, both as a person and of his ideas and initiatives. “There should be more 'Franks' in the world, then things would look a lot nicer around us,” he says.