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Marc Mulders, a versatile artist through the eyes of a collector

BLOEM shows several flower still lifes by Kees Verwey together with those of contemporary painters
name, for whom flowers or plants also form a recurring theme.
Among them, work by the well-known artist Marc Mulders can also be seen.

Bob van Eerd is an avid art collector, art advisor and the lender of the works of
Marc Mulders that can be seen in the exhibition FLOWER. During the lecture he will talk about Marc Mulders,
what inspires the artist and the developments in his work.
There is of course the option to visit the exhibition.

Lecture about Marc Mulders by collector Bob van Eerd
Date: November 13th
Time: 15 - 16 pm
Location: near the works of Marc Mulders in the exhibition Bloem
Costs: €5 excluding entrance, friends free. Afterwards there is a free glass of wine in the museum café.
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