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Children's Art Line

Haarlemmasters in the making

November 4 - December 20, 2021

With six different children HaarlemIn upper primary schools, various artists have recently worked on special works of art. The starting point of the educational program for primary education is: Haarlemmasters in the making. The exhibition shows a selection of the work of the teacher and his journeyman. This makes it not only a cheerful presentation with art by children, but also a full-fledged, substantive exhibition with work by established artists.

Participating artists and schools
Ap Esenbrink visited the Hannie Schaftschool, Birgit Daamen taught at De Meern, Rosemarijn Dissen inspired the class of De Parel, Paul van Marissing worked with students from De Cirkel, Hans Bossman guided the students of Al Ikhlaas, Johan Breuker started the battle with De Molenwiek Dalton and children from Schalkwijk went out with Marisa Beretta

Keep the website interested in being taught by a master someday.