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Jorn van Leeuwen

Jorn started working on Frank van der Linden's basic mask without a preconceived plan and drew his inspiration from the mask itself, as well as from Arabic patterns, plants and horror.
First he filed off the mouth, leaving a hole, and flattened the nose. He then started painting the mask, but soon noticed that he needed more materials than just paint to really change the shape of the mask.
Jorn, inspired by Arabic patterns, drew these motifs, cut them out and applied them to the mask like a puzzle, creating a network. He expanded the patterns to the final result.
He also wanted to give the mask a dark look, inspired by horror. For this he added sharp teeth and hair made of sisal rope. He colored the hair with Indian ink. The result is a mask that shows a mix of influences and materials, with the inspiration of Arabic patterns and horror clearly visible.