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Verwey Museum Haarlem is looking for a head of technical service


About us:

In one of the most beautiful streets of Haarlem is the Verwey Museum Haarlem, the city museum for history and art. The museum is made possible thanks to 85 enthusiastic volunteers. New exhibitions are presented several times a year. Several times a year, the exhibition space is redesigned by our technical team according to the theme of the upcoming exhibition. We are looking for a head of technical service for this team.

About you:

Do you enjoy leading the technical team that consists of four volunteers? You are good at organizing, have a technical background and can work systematically. As head of TD you are responsible for coordinating the technical work and managing the technical employees.

What do we offer:

A nice workplace with all-round technical work. You work with a team of motivated technical colleagues. Your initiative and input is highly appreciated.
You are managed by the director of the museum and participate in the Management Team consultation.
Do you have the space to devote at least two half-days a week to our museum? Then we are very happy with you and you have come to the right place. We would like to tell you more about this fun and challenging position.


Send an email to [email protected], and briefly tell us something about yourself, include your telephone number and we are guaranteed to contact you.


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