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The old ninth-century tree stump (773 – 937) from the museum's collection, on display in the historical exhibition All Haarlemmers,serves as a starting point for The secret of deep time, the second in the series of three transhistorical art exhibitions Let go and cherish. The exhibition shows the works of Jeanne Aubert, Fabio Barile, Sjoerd Buisman, Lisa van Casand, Douglas Mandry Jacobien de Rooij and Tanja Smeets.

in the exhibition

The tree stump is a silent witness to the past, the deep time of peat swamps, beach walls and vast forest areas, of the soil on which Haarlem was built later. A time that lasted considerably longer than the period that followed Haarlem now exists. Deep time encompasses Earth's history, spanning billions of years, long before the rise of human civilization. The imagination of deep time is shown in various ways in the exhibition, with photography, drawings, installations, video, textiles and naturalia. The participating artists show the immensity of deep time. Their work invites us to look differently at natural phenomena that span millennia, such as the formation of glaciers, stones, fossils and minerals. By appreciating this profound time, we can look beyond our own lives in the here and now and thereby be inspired to strive for a better legacy for future generations.

the artists

Jacobien de Rooij makes a visual translation in the form of wall drawings of the vegetation that has flourished in Haarlem and environment. Jeanne Aubert's video The Last Song of the Sun is a contemporary myth about the sorrow and anger of the sun, which burns the land and itself until both go dark. Fabio Barile's photographs are studies of the landscape, with particular attention to geology and how time affects the land. Douglas Mandry works at the intersection of photography, technology, science and sculpture. In his work he explores the relationship between humans and nature, and how nature is perceived through representation. The installation Under the pavement the roots swirl (2022-2024) by Tanja Smeets surrounds the visitor with primal plant structures that intertwine with the space. With her tapestries from the series Set in Stone (2021-2024), Lisa van Casand emphasizes that we must change our attitude towards the earth: instead of exploiting it, we must show solidarity. Sjoerd Buisman, who worked at the same time as The secret of deep time… his solo exhibition The nature of Sjoerd Buisman in the museum, his work examines the growth processes and structures of trees and plants.

The secret of deep time invites you to wonder about the immense span of time of the universe and our role as inhabitants of our earth. It reminds us that our lives are just a small part of a much bigger picture, and that we have a responsibility to cherish and protect our earth for the generations to come.

The secret of deep time  is after D(R)AAD. About embroidery as protest and healing, the second small exhibition in the series Let go and cherish, compiled by guest curator Kim Knoppers. read here more about Let go and cherish.

The exhibition was made possible by the Mondriaan Fund, Cultural Fund, Cultural Stimulation Fund Haarlem and the Kees Verwey Foundation. 


Lecture about time: a dialogue between artist Jacobien de Rooij and emeritus professor of history Piet de Rooij
Thursday, May 23 from 19.00:21.00 PM - XNUMX:XNUMX PM
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Lecture about time: a dialogue between artist Jacobien de Rooij and emeritus professor Piet de Rooij on May 23 in Verwey Museum Haarlem.

Read here more coming soon.