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5 Nov

Free entry tours at BLOEM

Kees Verwey's oeuvre consists largely of flower still lifes in oil or watercolor. For Bloem his work is combined with that of four contemporary artists: Marc Mulders, Maaike Schoorel, Evi Vingerling and Ronald Zuurmond. Flowers, trees or other plant motifs also frequently appear in their work. Yet there are significant differences in the way these artists do this, and what they want to express or achieve with it. Mulders' pasty canvases full of flowers are about the fragility of life. With her layered suggestions of landscapes and still lifes, Schoorel gives a contemporary twist to a painterly tradition. In her colorful gouaches, Vingerling points out the comforting power of the beauty of nature and Zuurmond recharges himself through the meditative painting of his elaborate flower still lifes.

On Sunday, November 5, there is a free introductory tour from 14:14.30 PM to XNUMX:XNUMX PM. Please register at the entrance desk.