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who keeps what, has what!

group 5 and 6

For once, students can be the director of the museum and decide whether objects should be included in the collection or not.

The group is divided into three groups in the museum. They alternately visit the Junior Selection Committee All Haarlemmers and the current temporary exhibition. A varied program, tailored to the level of the children.

Goals: By the end of these activities, the student will understand the importance of preserving history.

Content: Preparatory lesson at school and visit to the museum, with a good discussion about the importance of preservation, and a creative final lesson at school.

The program is part of the school-wide project Who keeps what, has what! but can also be booked separately. See also the website of Who keeps what, has what!

For grades 5 to 8
Duration: 90 minutes
Price: € 90.-
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After booking, you will receive the digital lesson package with preparatory and processing lessons.