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design your own city

group 7 and 8

How did the city originate? How does it look Haarlem look like if you get to design the city? In this workshop you will work in small groups of up to four students. 

An old map of Haarlem from 1822 has been emptied. You can paste, cut and draw on it. At school, the visit is prepared and explained what a legend is. You use your own creativity by determining which activities and facilities you want to design in your own city.

Before the workshop we will first look at an old model of the city and you will learn something about the people who used to live in Haarlem lived.

Target: Students learn to become aware of what they find important in a city.

Content: Preparatory lesson at school and visit to the museum, with an interactive visit to the exhibition 1000 years of history of Haarlem and in the museum café the students design their ideal city in small groups.

For grades 7 and 8
Duration: 90 minutes
Price: € 90
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After booking, you will receive the digital lesson package with preparatory and processing lessons.