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On the back of Bigi Kayman

Group 4, 5 and 6

The exhibition takes the students into the world of the children Afi and Kofi and their family, who are enslaved and live on a plantation in Suriname. Afi and Kofi have to work all day. Like their parents, they are slaves in the service of the plantation. When they hear one day that their father might be sold, they decide to flee. It becomes a perilous journey through the wilderness, where they come face to face with dangerous animals. When they finally get to the swamp where refugee people are said to live, there is no one to be seen. Have they come all for nothing? They lose heart, until they suddenly see the big caiman…

In addition to the exhibition, there are creative workshops that match the age of the children. The museum educators read aloud from the book interactively and, of course, the exhibition is discussed afterwards with the students! Finally, the visit is concluded with a craft activity.​



For groups 4, 5 and 6
Duration: 90 minutes

Price: € 90.- 

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