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January 27 to April 28, 2024

D(R)AAD highlights the power of embroidery as a form of resistance and healing from trauma. The exhibition is part of Let Go and Cherish, a new series of transhistorical art exhibitions. The historic liberation skirt from 1946, on display in the permanent exhibition All Haarlemmers served as inspiration. D(R)AAD connects historical embroidery with modern art and focuses on social embroidery initiatives.

Embroidery has had various uses over the centuries, including useful joining or repairing of fabrics, for decoration and as an expression of status. However, the political meaning of embroidery is less known: it can be an expression of protest and a way to make your voice heard under difficult circumstances. Embroidery can also help process trauma and provide comfort in times of conflict, illness and captivity.

Hand embroidery is popular again these days, especially among younger generations, inspired by social media such as Instagram and Pinterest. These channels make it easy to share work and create your own platform. The centuries-old meditative tradition of embroidery, with its sustainable technique, serves as inspiration for today's makers and contrasts sharply with our fast-paced and ever-changing era.
D(R)AAD invites you to discover the power of the needle as an instrument for social involvement and personal healing, thus offering a unique insight into the history and contemporary practice of embroidery as protest and healing.

Participants in the exhibition are: Maya Amer, Monika Auch / Stitch Your Brain, Andrea Dezso, Feminist Crafts Party, Fine Cell Work, Marian Jongsma, Klaas Rommelaere, Lilly Lulay, Anne Verhoijsen

The opening

The festive opening of D(R)AAD took place on January 26. Guest curator Kim Knoppers and director Laura van der Wijden opened the evening. Participating artist and medical doctor Monika Auch gave a short lecture about her research Stitch your Brain about the intelligence of our hands and the effect of creativity on health and well-being. Throughout the evening, Anna Verhoijsen's performance Splitzij was shown, in which four men jointly embroidered a tablecloth, challenging traditional gender stereotypes. The many enthusiastic visitors and the presence of the wearer of the historic liberation skirt from the permanent exhibition All Haarlemmers made this evening extra special.

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Workshop series: Pick up the D(R)AAD – VOL
March 28, April 4, 11, 18 and 25
10.00-12.00 hours
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