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Dianne Bakker

Dianne has made two masks, inspired by an older nymphomaniac woman who compromises herself at the bar in a fur coat and fishnet stockings. She has covered one mask with real animal fur, probably from a fox. She covered the other mask with two pairs of tights from Hema, layered on top of each other: thin skin-colored tights under black fishnet tights.
Dianne's work can be recognized by two styles: a narrative and an abstract style. Both come together in the two masks. Normally Dianne mainly makes two-dimensional work, so for this project she tried to develop her own visual language for the masks. She gradually came to the conclusion that the simpler the material, the stronger the image.
Finding the fur in a thrift store inspired her image of an older woman who feels seductive in fur and stockings, and who can hide behind the mask. Dianne thought it was a special project to participate in and saw it as a challenge to get started with the basic mask.