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Maya Amer

Maya Amer

Maya Amer The Palestinian Tatriz is an age-old tradition in which the Palestinian identity is preserved and passed on through embroidery. Originally it was practiced in the Palestinian countryside where the stitches symbolized local flora. Nowadays...
Maya Amer

let go and cherish

let go and cherish From January 2024 we will present a series of contemporary art exhibitions, each inspired by objects and themes from the permanent exhibition Allemaal Haarlemmers. This series, curated by guest curator Kim Knoppers, challenges visitors...
Maya Amer

the secret of deep time

the secret of deep time May 3 - September 29 How old is the earth and how does life develop? Together with minerals, stones and a tree stump from the permanent exhibition All Haarlemmers These questions form the basis for the new exhibition...
Maya Amer

the nature of Sjoerd Buijman

nature by sjoerd Buisman May 3 – Oct 13 Buisman, as curator of this exhibition, has carefully determined which works he wants to show to the public. The exhibition not only shows Buisman's most recent works of art, but also provides...
Maya Amer

spring break for kids

spring break for kids 17 - 25 February Come to our museum with the whole family this spring break! Go on a journey of discovery with our treasure hunt through the exhibition 'All Haarlemmers' about 1000 years of city history, find some fun with a...

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