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Atelier Kees Verwey

September 5, 2020 – May 2, 2022

Kees Verwey (1900-1995) is probably the best known Haarlemcalled an artist of the twentieth century. In his studio at the Spaarne he creates cityscapes, landscapes, portraits and still lifes with an impressionistic touch. Verwey can only paint what he sees. And what he sees – a woman, a vase of flowers, a studio corner full of dried thistles – he transforms into compositions full of color and mobility. About his seeing he said: 'I am a mirror that lives'. With this insistence on visible reality, Verwey places himself outside the waves of innovation of the 20th century.
He is active in it Haarlemart life and a member of, among others, the KZOD artists' society.

IIn Museum Haarlem an image is given of Verwey's original studio. The expansion makes it possible to show more of the master's work and the works can be changed regularly.