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Free entry tours at Mari Andriessen exhibition

Until 20 Mar 2023

Sculptor Andriessen (1897-1979) is best known for his war memorials such as The docker, Man in front of the firing squad and the Bomb victim. In addition to large works, he has made small sculptures of terracotta throughout his life. Many of his sculptures and pre-designs in plaster are in the private collections of his granddaughters, who have lent them to Verwey Museum for once Haarlem. These preliminary studies and images tell a very personal story about Andriessen. For the first time, some of his drawings and sketchbooks are also on display. A reconstruction of his workspace has been made with objects from Mari's studio. You really can't get any closer to Mari Andriessen.

What choices did the curators of the exhibition Antoinette Andriessen and Monique van Royen make? How did Mari work in his studio and what kind of man was she? You will hear it during the tour.

Entry tour on Sunday
Dates: 5 and 19 Mar 2023
Time: 14 hours
Location: Verwey Museum Haarlem, Groot Heiligland 47, 2011 EP Haarlem
Cost: free for museum visitors
Registration: not necessary, collect at the museum desk

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